On After Effects there is a small triangle to the left of each parameter name. If a user wants to use a visual slider, then he can click on that triangle (it rotates to point downwards) and below the parameter value it appears a visual slider.
That seems to be an option for keeping both methods but save screen space.

I haven't seen this new Krita widget yet, can you point me to a screenshot showing it?


2011/1/27 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoudine@gmail.com>
On 1/26/11, Simon Eugster wrote:
> Hi Till,
> First of all I like the DragValue widget very much. Let's drop the
> sliders as soon as possible to save some space.

I, on the contrary, happen to hate it :)

The new widget gives absolutely no clue neither how to change value,
nor what is min/max value and where exactly regarding min/max the
value currently is.

Krita team seems to have implemented a very cool widget for 2.3 that
combines a label and a slider, so you can:

- have a more compact UI, because you don't need to place a label and
a slider next to each other
- see where you are now re min/max values
- still have numeric input

Not knowing possible range of values is so frustrating that I grit my
teeth every time I use live path effects in Inkscape. Pretty please
let's not repeat this mistake in Kdenlive.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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