well, what can I say...
just see this 2006 Krita request I did here (look for Gabriel Gazzán under comments of the news) :)

I just LOVE the adobe-style virtual sliders, so I just LOVE what you've done.
Thank you very mucho!!!


2011/1/23 Till Theato <root@ttill.de>
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as you might have already noticed I replaced the spin boxes for double
parameters with a new widget I call "drag value".
It is a wrapper around QLineEdit (not inherited) and adds the
possibility to change values using the mouse wheel and most importantly
by starting to drag horizontal on the widget. This does not only require
less space than a slider and can be accessed faster than KoSliderCombo
(spinbox with drop down slider used in the title editor) it is also
possible to skip large ranges (drag fast) and edit precisely (drag slow)
at the same time.

It did not invent this type of widget, it is also present in some Adobe
products (After Effects, Premiere) and in Blender and possibly in other
software, too.
However I still doubt whether users will find out how to use it.
Maybe a horizontal resize cursor? This will cover the value when the
mouse if over the widget ...
A blog post won't reach everyone...

Any ideas?? If yes we might also consider dropping the slider for

Another issue I have is the stylesheet. If there are multiple parameters
the size of the widget decreases with every parameter.
Have a look at the slope parameters in the SOP/Sat effect, for example,
since they all have the same range.

regards Till
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