2011/1/26 Till Theato <root@ttill.de>
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On 01/26/2011 04:08 PM, Gabriel Gazzán wrote:
> regarding not seeing the boundaries, this is really not a problem. and by
> far compensated by the gains in screen real estate!
> regarding not seeing the value changing while dragging. well, this IS a
> problem. I think it should be solved.

It was already working this way.
What Simon meant was that while dragging the video was not updated (only
after mouse release).
In r5354 I added a context menu with the actions "direct update" and
"nonlinear scale". Both settings will be applied to all drag value
widgets when changed.

Sorry, it's that I couldn't see it in action yet.
Could anyone post a screenshot to see what the UI looks like? (thx!)

> I don't know if it's already implemented, but it'd be good to have the
> possibility to apply 'modifiers' (SHIFT / CTRL) to be able to drag more
> slowly (precisely) / faster, when needed.

Also added in r5354.
CTRL: speed up, factor 2
SHIFT: slow down, factor 2 (1/2)

Great! Well done! :)

> Other thing than could be added is a right click menu with an option to set
> the lower and upper limits of the virtual slider. For each parameter,
> reasonable 'default' values should be set to make this system work as
> comfortable to the user as possible.

Not sure what exactly you mean here.

Well, in some Adobe programs like After Effects when you right click over a parameter value you see a menu entry "Edit Value...". Selecting this option opens a dialog letting you redefine the default span of values the user is allowed to interactively drag this parameter into.
The programmer sets this span to what he believes is the useful range of values for that parameter, but if the user needs to go past that span, then he can change that from within this menu (or he could simply enter numerically a greater or lower value directly, of course).
This is sometimes handy when the useful values are within a very narrow range (say, 0 to 0.1) or so and then even pressing SHIFT to drag slowly isn't enough.