Excellent work! Looking forward to testing soon ;D


2009/8/27 Jean-Michel Pouré <jm@poure.com>
Le mercredi 26 août 2009 à 22:40 -0700, Dan Dennedy a écrit :
> After a lot of work, I finally have Kdenlive working rather well on OS
> X with the video monitors embedded in the app. I also removed the
> special SDL main hooks that were committed  a while - these proved no
> longer necessary and interfered with KDE/Qt hooks to remap standard
> menu entries like Quit and Preferences. Of course, it required a
> little addition to MLT to make it all work, and QGLWidget came in real
> handy. Actually, most of these changes ought to work on Linux with
> OpenGL as well, but I did not have a chance to test that. Also, I did
> not want to put in the effort yet to figure out how to change the
> build to not require GL and only include it if detected.
> It would be nice to get a release soon due to this (so I can update
> official MacPorts portfiles) and due to all the MLT internal
> improvements over the past couple of months. I will be making a new
> MLT release very soon.


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