On Jan 22, 2008 12:31 PM, Jeffrey Thomas <eljefedelito@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > ...NTSC sync issues...
> This is fixed in MLT CVS. See the bug for more info.

Woo hoo!  Excellent news!

Embarrassing how long it went unnoticed.

Now I just need KDEnlive to edit the correct in/out points

This is fixed in my working copy, but...

JB, the fix contains massive changes to the way profiles are integrated throughout the framework and modules. The impact on kdenlive should be little, but it does have trivial interface breakage--just to let you know. I still have to update the mlt++ in my working copy, and I am still testing. There are other changes coming as well with one big one that will impact kdenlive...

As alluded to in a previous email on the MLT list, while the above changes are critical fixes, if one tries to alter framerate on render, then the edit points get screwed up. To fix that, I will be changing mlt_position to represent time (something like microseconds) instead of frames.

I am thinking this change to time representation might be best integrated into the KDE4 port. However, it might be nice to get some of the recent fixes into the current codebase for struggling kdenlive (esp. NTSC) users. What do you think? I am trying to coordinate major changes and releases between MLT and kdenlive.

Finally, JB, the next MLT commit required changes to inigo and therefore would require changes to kdenlive_renderer.c. So, I added a command-line option on inigo to make it mimic the behavior of kdenlive_renderer if you want to stop worrying about maintaining it going forward.