Hey there.

I did an Alan Wake Trailer with KDEnlive and I must say that I'm impressed by the stability of KDEnlive. (the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9ghZYaxQ00 ) 

I used uncompressed video material recorded by Fraps and used the Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Onion SVN PPA's version. It was very stable; the editing of proxy clips was great, but there are some smaller weakpoints. Once I had KDEnlive crash or exit (because there was no KDE Segfault error message) when I wanted to play the project. KDEnlive just exited. There is a problem when playing the project and jumping to an other point in timeline, for the program waiting one or two seconds until it finaly does what I say. The same when I played the project; paused and clicked somewhere in timeline. KDEnlive waits and then it goes on. I found some minor difficulties in drawing of the timeline; for there sometimes beeing gray vertical lines within it; nothing bad.

One thing, I must admit is arkward - the way you want me to add transitions. It feels strange having two clips overlapping, rightclicking -> Transition -> whatever. I got this working once. When the first clips is on top and the second on a lower track. What I don't understand: the other way round is just awful - the transition looks really bad and something volatile in the transition, arkward to describe. And last but not least: where can I edit the audio options. Let's say: the first Audio track shall be the loudest; audio 2 just 80% and audio 3 shall be muted completely. You know what I mean. I haven't found that option.

As I began my comment: KDEnlive is really great and I loved using it for the first time for something more professional than vacation videos or something like that, but it'd be great getting a response from you what I did wrong or maybe you can fix the problem. 

Regards Stefan Naumann