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cmake 2009-05-24 j-b-m j-b-m [4f89c9] Fix definition in CMake file, patch by Zarko P...
data 2009-07-21 j-b-m j-b-m [127254] xml for frei0r saturat0r & lens correction
effects 2009-07-30 gmarco gmarco [b332c9] Merge branch 'master' into jbm
export 2009-05-30 ddennedy ddennedy [3730ea] Fix the H.264 profiles so that they honor the b...
icons 2009-06-18 j-b-m j-b-m [ffa9a2] Add vert zoom icons
lumas 2009-04-05 rayll rayll [5ac346] Modify clock.pgm luma to have constant angular ...
man 2009-06-20 freefrag freefrag [266a5c] Document the new KDENLIVE_RENDER_LOG environmen...
plugins 2009-06-19 xzhayon xzhayon [00351b] clean up reindentation
po 2009-07-14 repli2dev repli2dev [b2d832] Czech translation: typo fix
renderer 2009-06-23 j-b-m j-b-m [fce059] Slightly safer check of rendering job termination
src 2009-07-30 gmarco gmarco [b332c9] Merge branch 'master' into jbm
thumbnailer 2009-07-13 granjow granjow [c8a4d4] Fixed
.gitignore 2009-03-07 j-b-m j-b-m [4e7518] [PATCH by Ray Lehtiniemi] Add a .gitignore file
AUTHORS 2009-07-01 xzhayon xzhayon [45c473] sync authors information
CMakeLists.txt 2009-07-01 xzhayon xzhayon [fc4532] go back to development mode
COPYING 2009-03-04 j-b-m j-b-m [5b2eaf] copy KDE4 branch to triunk/kdenlive
INSTALL 2009-04-15 j-b-m j-b-m [fea4d7] Get ready for 0.7.3 release 2009-03-04 j-b-m j-b-m [5b2eaf] copy KDE4 branch to triunk/kdenlive
README 2009-07-01 j-b-m j-b-m [8c1de6] Prepare 0.7.5
kdenlive-config.h.cmake 2009-03-13 j-b-m j-b-m [bb11a3] Add svn revision to Kdenlive version at build time
kdenlive.spec 2009-05-03 kamikazow kamikazow [e22d9b] Added Alberto Villa's description 2009-04-04 rayll rayll [5ab350] Remove all .orig files after indenting, not jus...

Read Me

Kdenlive 0.7.5
by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <> and the Kdenlive team

Kdenlive is a video editing application for KDE 4.

Please check the project page for more information, and to report new bugs.

To use Kdenlive, you will need to download and install MLT, available from
the following web page:

The recommended MLT version is 0.4.4. It may work with different
versions, but this is not guaranteed, or (at this stage of development) likely.

We welcome all bug reports, feedback, and offers for help!
So please visit our bug tracker and forums:


Bug Tracker: