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cmake 2011-02-17 granjow granjow [df79cf] FindQJSON.cmake added to ensure qjson is found ...
data 2011-10-29 j-b-m j-b-m [58eb1a] Don't hardcode encoding profiles, use an extern...
doc 2011-10-21 j-b-m j-b-m [873f93] updated dutch translation by Ronald Stroethoff
effects 2011-09-10 ttill ttill [777db0] Add support of SOP/Sat effect version 0.2.
export 2011-09-21 j-b-m j-b-m [c90eca] User can now select audio bitrate in a list, fi...
icons 2010-09-03 j-b-m j-b-m [6e5e52] new icon for track effetc
lumas 2009-04-05 rayll rayll [5ac346] Modify clock.pgm luma to have constant angular ...
man 2009-06-20 freefrag freefrag [266a5c] Document the new KDENLIVE_RENDER_LOG environmen...
plugins 2011-07-10 ddennedy ddennedy [b2caea] Remove resource attribute from generators output.
po 2011-10-21 j-b-m j-b-m [873f93] updated dutch translation by Ronald Stroethoff
renderer 2011-10-06 j-b-m j-b-m [13fec9] Set unique log file for x264 encoding:
src 2011-10-30 j-b-m j-b-m [3b7226] Fix crash when creating new project
thumbnailer 2011-05-30 j-b-m j-b-m [e7af14] Fix compilation with Qt < 4.7
titles 2010-02-21 g-marco g-marco [2a5ac4] newstuff and templates for title
.gitignore 2009-03-07 j-b-m j-b-m [4e7518] [PATCH by Ray Lehtiniemi] Add a .gitignore file
AUTHORS 2011-06-09 granjow granjow [35a63b] * HACKING file added (how to code on kdenlive)
CHANGELOG 2011-10-29 ttill ttill [c224a5] Update CHANGELOG.
CMakeLists.txt 2011-07-26 ttill ttill [6055f8] Raise required MLT version to 0.7.4.
COPYING 2009-03-04 j-b-m j-b-m [5b2eaf] copy KDE4 branch to triunk/kdenlive
HACKING 2011-06-09 granjow granjow [35a63b] * HACKING file added (how to code on kdenlive)
INSTALL 2009-04-15 j-b-m j-b-m [fea4d7] Get ready for 0.7.3 release 2011-07-09 granjow granjow [8680e7] updated, error message if extractrc...
README 2011-04-23 ttill ttill [a8251a] Raise version to 0.8
RELEASE 2011-06-09 granjow granjow [a0e5f7] Release: userbase update
kdenlive-config.h.cmake 2009-03-13 j-b-m j-b-m [bb11a3] Add svn revision to Kdenlive version at build time
kdenlive-mindmap.svg 2011-03-12 granjow granjow [8c53ce] Mindmap: Safe areas for monitors
kdenlive.spec 2009-05-03 kamikazow kamikazow [e22d9b] Added Alberto Villa's description

Read Me

Kdenlive 0.8
by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <> and the Kdenlive team

Kdenlive is a video editing application based on KDE Platform 4.

Please check the project page for more information, and to report new bugs.

To use Kdenlive, you will need to download and install MLT, available from
the following web page:

The recommended MLT version is 0.7. It may work with other
versions, but this is not guaranteed, or (at this stage of development) likely.

We welcome all bug reports, feedback, and offers for help!
So please visit our bug tracker and forums:


Bug Tracker: