Tree [5d27b9] 0.7.1 /

File Date Author Commit
cmake 2008-12-22 j-b-m j-b-m [1509e7] Remove useless file, now that we don't depend o...
data 2008-12-16 j-b-m j-b-m [afdcd2] Blacklist frei0r facedetect module:
effects 2008-12-29 j-b-m j-b-m [663a7f] Add some more sox effects (band, bass, gain, ph...
export 2008-12-27 jmpoure jmpoure [197993] Adding Windows Media Player and Apple Quicktime...
icons 2008-11-25 j-b-m j-b-m [bdf369] Spacer tool (can only add space for the moment)
lumas 2008-12-07 j-b-m j-b-m [c04ddc] re-add Kdenlive custom luma files for transitions
man 2008-12-06 freefrag freefrag [0c2112] Fix issue 0000420: Please add manpages for kden...
po 2008-12-28 freefrag freefrag [f201cb] Updated danish translation
renderer 2008-12-20 freefrag freefrag [1f0171] Proposed solution to issue 0000345: Capture ini...
src 2008-12-29 j-b-m j-b-m [5d27b9] * Fix several transition move problems
thumbnailer 2008-08-28 j-b-m j-b-m [52f683] * new: thumbnailer for preview of kdenlive/west...
AUTHORS 2008-11-12 j-b-m j-b-m [04e5ca] updeted authors to reflect current state
CMakeLists.txt 2008-12-22 blendamedt blendamedt [e148ca] renderer.cpp: ffmpeg dep removed (patch from da...
COPYING 2008-11-12 j-b-m j-b-m [4b2a2e] Adding usual files (README, ...) that were missing
INSTALL 2008-11-12 j-b-m j-b-m [4b2a2e] Adding usual files (README, ...) that were missing 2008-12-16 j-b-m j-b-m [5b3639] Remove wrong path in extractrc for .pot file
README 2008-11-12 j-b-m j-b-m [4b2a2e] Adding usual files (README, ...) that were missing
kdenlive.spec 2008-12-18 freefrag freefrag [d4438e] Fix issue 0000199: include .spec to build RPMs ... 2008-03-03 blendamedt blendamedt [585ded] ability to reindent only a part of files (args ...

Read Me

Kdenlive V 0.7 by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>

Kdenlive is a video editing application for KDE.

This is a the first KDE4 release. Please check the
project page for more information, and to report new bugs.

To use Kdenlive, you will need to download and install MLT, available from
the following webpage :

This version of Kdenlive requires MLT version 0.3.2. It may work with different 
versions, but this is not guaranteed, or (at this stage of development) likely.

We welcome all bug reports, feedback and offers for help! so please visit our bugtracker and forums:


Bug Tracker: