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KDelicious 3.2.1 released with new translations

Thanks to Bèr Kessels and Juan Sebastián Echeverry, KDelicious is now localized in Dutch and Spanish as well as the previously-supported German (thanks to Oliver Bock), Italian and English.

Posted by Giacomo Lacava 2008-05-11

KDelicious 3.2 released, Debian package now available

KDelicious 3.2 introduces German and Italian translations and fixes a few bugs.

KDelicious is now available as a Debian package thanks to help from Jason Riedy.

Posted by Giacomo Lacava 2008-02-25

help wanted for translations (i18n)

KDelicious needs help translating the user interface. As of today, the menu added to Konqueror is available in several languages (fr,de,nn,nb,it,es), but the dialogs are all in english. If you like KDelicious and want to make a difference (and get your name in the CREDITS), keep reading!

KDelicious uses the standard KDE tools for i18n, that is, .pot and .po files manipulated with gettext tools like KBabel. If you have KBabel installed, it's as easy as downloading the kdelicious.pot file, renaming it as the new language .po (for example "fr.po" ), and then opening it with KBabel. Then you can just select the messages and enter the translation in the "Translated String" box. Once it's done, save it and send it to me.
Here's the .pot file you need: http://kdelicious.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/\*checkout*/kdelicious/trunk/po/kdelicious.pot... read more

Posted by Giacomo Lacava 2008-01-14

KDelicious 3.1 released

This new release introduces some major changes "under the hood" to improve the UI, as well as some bugfixes in the bookmark synchronization.
The codebase is also almost ready for full internationalization.

Posted by Giacomo Lacava 2008-01-11

KDelicious now on SourceForge!

KDelicious is a very useful add-on to better integrate Del.icio.us in Konqueror, the KDE browser.
Version 3.0.3 is stable and mature, but we want to make 3.5 even better... Please feel free to suggest any improvement or feature you'd wish to add!

Posted by Giacomo Lacava 2008-01-06