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#39 Kcachegind runs VERY SLOWLY when ran over network

Heikki Kultala

I have logged into another rmachine via ssh and tunneling X over ssh.
When I run kcachegrind over this ssh tunnel, it runs very slowly, every click leads to many seconds of waiting.

Many much heavier programs like firefox runs very well when ran over remote X over ssh tunnel, I find it very bad that a much lighter software which is a performance analysis tool, is itself performing so badly.


  • The number of drawing requests to the X server done by an application has nothing to
    do with its size/purpose. Also, as this is hidden by the tool kits API (in this case Qt), I can only assume what will make it better. It would help if you say whether this is about the KDE3 or KDE4 version.

    Does it help to switch off the shading in the Caller/Callee map visualizations (Context menu>Visualization>Shading)?

    You could try VNC or NX for better remote X experience.