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kbtv-1.2.5 released

Maintenance release with additional (and hopefully working) code for SAA with NTSC or SECAM. The FreeBSD port has more options to cover all possible broadcast standards. If upgrading from 1.2.4 use "make rmconfig".

Posted by Danny Pansters 2007-05-08

kbtv-1.2.4 released

Point release: Fixes some SAA build problems (amd64 etc)

Posted by Danny Pansters 2007-03-09

kbtv-1.2.3 released

Bugfix release. The audio mixer channel detection has been axed. It has always been problematic, and now we have a GUI selector for mixerchan. Also some small misc fixes. Updated docs.

Posted by Danny Pansters 2007-02-06

Kbtv-1.2.2 released

- saa tuning improvements: don't RSTCARD if not needed, keep iic device open when tuning
- saa: have the "fake-mute" be audio device 1 not 2 (apparently some cards don't have 2)
- bt848: keep tuner device open during session (for audio and cleaner API)
- several bugfixes
- added feature: In Settings > Mixer Channel you can now choose another mixer channel to control its volume with kbtv
- updated docs, pydocs and screenshots

Posted by Danny Pansters 2007-02-03

Kbtv-1.2.1 released

This is a point release that fixes a few bugs that were lingering or introduced in 1.2.

Posted by Danny Pansters 2007-01-22

Kbtv development and maintainership resumed

I'm back. The new release is 1.2.

Posted by Danny Pansters 2007-01-16