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#55 drag and drop (copy) transfer ignored after 8


First I must say: excellent FTP ! Thanks!
One small problem I have is this:
Example: I drag and drop a file such as "index.php"
from my local (linux) directory to the remote
(linux/Apache) server (using COPY). I get a warning if
the file already exists, and either way, the transfer
goes fine. No problem so far.
After I do this approximately 8 times (with the same
file?) the warning no longer appears, and Kbear appears
to ignore the drag and drop. No modem lights, and no
transfer of the file (using COPY). I must close Kbear
and restart it again - then, all is fine for
approximately 8 more file transfers. I have not yet
found for certain whether this problem is specific to
dragging the same file only, or if changing files makes
a difference. I believe that it also happens if you
change files. E.G. every ~8 file transfers.
I thought I was going crazy at first, but this is
repeatable after each 8 files (approximately). I have
seen it many dozens of times now.
P4 - Firefox 1.0 - Mandrake 10.1 (with all newest RPMs
according to MDK control centre update tool)
Kbear 2.3 KDE 3.2.3
* Other then that, Kbear is fantastic, overall!