#29 text editor and default apps


I really love this program. just which for 2 things.
1. Simple text editor built in. No fancy features. Just
2. ability to set default apps for file extension. this
way I can make php or html open up in quanta or
bluefish or whatever on a click instead of choosing it
through menu every time.

only other thing is it seems to crash a lot. Most of
the time its unexpected user actions related like
accidently left clicking on a large zip file and then
hitting the stop button. I cant wait to see this thing
stable and with them 2 features this thing will own.
default apps would own. simple text edit would just be
little better.

the things I put this client through. moving
directories is very nice. requires download/upload but
it does both at same time.

remote ftp to ftp file copy. OMG this is nice feature.

I just love this program and Ive used a lot. this is by
far the best!!!! Which I knew how to code cuz I just
love the direction you are taking this client and would
love to contribute to the project.