Silly settings question

  • Kevin La Rue
    Kevin La Rue

    I've installed Kbear and there's one thing that is bugging me:  When I put in an FTP site, and my username/password, Kbear only returns a list of files & directories for the root of the FTP site.  Often, I have to do an extensive search for my "home" directory. 

    Other FTP clients will assume that I want to go to the "home" directory and will automatically take me there by default.  Is there anyway I can set Kbear up to make that same assumption?

    Thanks in advance, klr

    • Felix Krull
      Felix Krull

      I have the same problem using sftp:
      the connection url has always a forward slash at the end of the ip. As a result, you always connect to the root tree or subdirs of /.
      The trailing slash comes from the Sitemanager config dialog. You can remove it but it will always come back when you press save.
      Using the command line by typing
      sftp sftp://login@ip:22
      sets you to your home dir.

      Its pretty anoying: When I connect to my uni, I have my home dir far from the root dir and the location is subject to frequent changes.