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0.8.7 released

Released 0.8.7 that is again a bug fix for the 0.8.6 that was released yesterday.

THese versions deal with the batch mode in the transcode tab and the mplex tab.

Within the file dialog just mark more than one file an transcode all selected files!

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2006-04-01

Released 0.8.5

Most interesting thing is, that i replaced the QProcess with KProcess.
Thus the processes (transcode, mplex...) won't hang anymore.

Have fun

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2005-06-18

Help wanted! A better kde handbook

It would be very useful if we had a better documentation. The handbook is very outdated!

THere are several rookies, who could use a good handbook very well.
I would think of a handbook that on the one hand describes the program and on the other hand gives some background information about videos and mplexing...

Please feel free to contact me!

Kind regards

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2004-03-15

released 0.8.2 that could be 0.9


I finally released the new version 0.8.2.
There is quite a bunch of new features. I think the most intersting is the basic mode/expert mode.

Have a look! There might be - due to the many many changes - some errors still. Please respond and contact me!


Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2004-02-01

released 0.8.1

see changelog

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2003-11-06

released 0.8 alpha

I think the coolest things about the new release:
directory mode

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2003-10-05

Released 0.7

I just released 0.7.

You also should build an rpm using:
rpmbuild -ta kavi2svcd-0.7.tar.gz

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2003-08-22

New Relase 0.6.1 and context menu

I release version 0.6.1
please note, that some new features are "hidden" in the context menu. Hit the right mouse button.

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2003-06-18

New Release 0.6

There will be a new release this week (hopefully tomorrow) with this new features:

- improved german documentation
- SMP-Support
- debug-mode
- choosing if transcode should use mjpegtools or bbmpeg!

Posted by Cornelius Kölbel 2003-04-08