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KDE4 port will start

After quite a while where no development took place on the plugin, the port to KDE4 will start soon. Hopefully this will not be too complicated and therefore take too much time, since there is never enough of that ;-).

Posted by lynx 2007-06-25

bugfix release 0.1.2-24

some minor bugs fixed

Posted by lynx 2006-08-19

bugfix release 0.1.2-21

bugfix: project import now imports files again

Posted by lynx 2006-08-12

bugfix release 0.1.2-19

major bugfix

Posted by lynx 2006-08-12

bugfix/feature release 0.1.2

a minor bugfix applied und project import added

Posted by lynx 2006-07-22

initial release

initial release of the kate projectmanager plugin

Posted by lynx 2006-07-15