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Commit [47ac08] Maximize Restore History

Changes to better handler the user deleting track 0.

The changes are to ensure that:
1. If track 0 properties are shown when track 0 is deleted by the user, the property view is cleared.
2. The track 0 tree node is collapsed.
3. The track 0 channel views (but not master views) are cleared so that if track 0 is re-opened, these views are blank. The master views are part of the composition, and so are not deleted when track 0 is.

Paul Rosen Paul Rosen 2014-04-19

changed SoundEditor/src/com/kangasound/gui/ChannelHandlerFactory.java
changed SoundEditor/src/com/kangasound/gui/EditHandlerFactory.java
SoundEditor/src/com/kangasound/gui/ChannelHandlerFactory.java Diff Switch to side-by-side view
SoundEditor/src/com/kangasound/gui/EditHandlerFactory.java Diff Switch to side-by-side view