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File Date Author Commit
BPMetrics 2009-05-27 kosminr [r95] updates to Web services
BPXL_logger 2009-05-27 kosminr [r97]
BookWeb 2009-06-14 kosminr [r111] weird sync problems when deploying
ConsumerCredit 2009-12-30 kosminr [r210] initial commit files - consumer-credit process ...
Deployments 2009-06-15 kosminr [r138]
OCLMetricGenerator 2009-07-03 kosminr [r170] initial
SOBA 2009-06-20 kosminr [r166]
Servers 2009-06-15 kosminr [r143]
WSArchive 2009-07-15 kosminr [r172]
WSBank 2009-06-17 kosminr [r159]
WSBankSchema 2009-11-17 kosminr [r185] version 3
WSBankSchema-NB 2009-11-17 kosminr [r187] import
WSBankSchema-NetBeans 2009-11-17 kosminr [r183] version 2
WSClient 2009-06-17 kosminr [r161]
WSCreditBureauNational 2009-06-15 kosminr [r143]
WSCurrencyExchange 2009-06-16 kosminr [r155]
WSEmail 2009-05-25 kosminr [r92] initial commit
WSIdentityValidation 2009-06-17 kosminr [r156]
WSRiskAssessment 2009-06-17 kosminr [r158]
WSTranslator 2009-06-15 kosminr [r145]
WSsms 2009-06-15 kosminr [r154]
annex 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
bpel 2008-05-08 cristiancarstea [r14] BPEL terminat + serviciul CurrencyExchange
bpmn_metrics 2009-05-14 kosminr [r89]
bpxl.metadata 2009-05-27 kosminr [r95] updates to Web services
bpxl.metadata.edit 2009-05-27 kosminr [r95] updates to Web services
bpxl.metadata.editor 2009-05-27 kosminr [r95] updates to Web services
bpxl.model 2009-05-27 kosminr [r95] updates to Web services
diploma_paper 2009-03-20 kosminr [r40]
dukesbank 2009-07-02 valentinionita [r168] Duke. Versiunea nemodificata
dukesbank2 2010-04-16 kosminr [r246] SQL script
eServices 2010-03-13 kosminr [r214] nimic special
images 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
my_documents 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
plugin 2009-05-27 kosminr [r95] updates to Web services
web_services 2009-05-13 kosminr [r86]
.project 2008-04-24 kosminr [r1] diploma paper - initial commit
market-analysis-v7.pdf 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.aux 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.bbl 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.blg 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.log 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.out 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.tex 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
market-analysis.toc 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
rec.aux 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]
rec.tex 2009-07-30 kosminr [r173]