CouchDB is getting well known in Japan, especially its sophisticated
RESTful interface.
This is because Yohei, who supervised a translation of "RESTful Web
Services", is intrigued with CouchDB.

Wow, this is cool :) Thanks for the info.

Is the interest in merging our systems mutual?

This is interesting suggestion.
We're now focusing on reliability and scalability, and keeping its
interface simple; get(key) and put(key, value).
But more complicated queries like CouchDB can be our future work, and
it seems exciting.

With CouchDB we have such an easy interface, so connecting should
be trivial:

GET /database/key == get(key)
PUT /database/key 
value (in the PUT request body) == put(key, value)

CouchDB also has more API calls for querying and all that,
but that could be independent of the fault tolerance layer 
you provide. At least at first, to make things easier.

Of course, you can merge our code into CouchDB freely, since Kai is
based on Apache License 2.0.

We are not very keen on just taking some code that we'd then have
to maintain ourselves (or we are just lazy :). The truth is though, that
a database system is enough work in itself and if we could make our
systems interoperable both our teams would benefit and have less
work to do.

It'd be great if we can work together. I'll forward this mail to the
CouchDB developer list and will keep an eye on the Kai lists as


If  there anything is you would like to know, do
not hesitate to contact me (here or in private if

Keep up the good work!


Kai is a distributed hashtable like Amazon's Dynamo.
Dynamo is described in its original paper, as a highly available
key-value storage system that some of Amazon's core services use to
provide an "always-on" experience.
Kai implements well-known memcache API, and you can access to Kai with
your favorite programming language.

Kai is hosted on, where detailed information is found.

Also, source code can be downloaded.

If you are interested in Kai, read Getting Started and try it.


Takeru INOUE <>
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Takeru INOUE <>