I believe I'll remove WMP from my machine soon  :)

2009/11/1 Christoph Pfister <christophpfister@gmail.com>

2009/11/1 Andrius da Costa Ribas <andriusmao@gmail.com>:
> I've just tried building Kaffeine on MSWindows and I've got surprised!!! no
> code changes to build successfuly all targets ( except linux-specific dvb
> parts )

That isn't a big surprise for me - it's the consequence of the kde4
technologies (e.g. the buildsystem).

> screenshot of kaffeine playing windows vista sample video butterfly.wmv
> (using mplayer backend):
> http://imagebin.ca/view/xHr9jvlF.html
> screenshot of about screen:
> http://imagebin.ca/view/6E6q1LIC.html
> It's a mingw build, I've not tried it with msvc. Somehow I've got no
> directshow backend in phonon installation  ( KDE 4.3.2 - mingw4 - binary
> packages from installer )
> @Christoph, is it time to change last question of FAQ? ;)
> some issues:
> - when trying to open a dvd: "No stream found to handle url dvd://1",
> similar for audio cd etc.. (I believe it's kde-windows issue)
> - a small delay before starting video ( longer delay on first use ) ( I
> believe it's backend issue )

Those two issues are caused by phonon resp. the phonon backend.

> - I'm not sure about konqueror and firefox kaffeine plugin

Kaffeine doesn't provide a plugin anymore.

> Many thanks for all people who helped :)
> Thanks again,
> Andrius.