Sorry if this has been replied to many times previously. Couldn't find it in recent archive posts.

I am running Firefox 1.0.7 within KDE 3.4.2 and Suse 9.2. My kaffeine installation is 0.7.1.

If I do not install the kaffeine-mozilla plugin I can view my favourite real format ( streaming services using the real player 10 plugin. I cannot view other (non-real0 streaming format like .wmv, .wma, .mov etc, which I why I would like to get the kaffeine plugin working.

If I do install the kaffeine-mozilla plugin, then it tries and fails to take over real streaming functionality (puts up a black screen area with "start kaffeine plugin" and then error message boxes about failure to load

Stand-alone kaffeine works fine for all media types I have thrown at it, having installed the windows codecs according to kaffeine faqs.

Is this a known problem with the plugin and the firefox browser? If so are there any know solutions / fixes jsut around the corner.


Bogus Zaba