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K68 0.2.1 Released

Sorry, but no new features. This release just fixes a compilation problem with gcc 3.3 and bluetooth support enabled

Posted by James Stembridge 2003-11-11

K68 0.2 Released

The second version of K68, which includes Bluetooth support, has been released. It also includes fixes for serial and infrared connections, display of information about the connected device and compilation fixes for gcc 3.2

Posted by James Stembridge 2003-04-29

Website is Up

The not quite finished website is up.

Posted by James Stembridge 2003-01-23

K68 0.1 Released

The first version of K68 has been released. Currently sending files to the phone via infrared and serial cable connections is supported.

Don't forget to read the release notes and send any feedback to the mailing list.

Posted by James Stembridge 2003-01-22