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Milestone 3 - Rough release ahead

Hi All.
Milestone 3 is now available. A much debugged, slightly better performing release of the toolkit. The IR interfaces are also coming along nicely, expecially the new Result set architecture, which I hope will enable pluggable chains of result set filters.

The release is tagged in cvs as "milestone3". From this point on, you are going to need to have access to the W3C DOM package (org.w3c.dom), specifically, the Document interface. Upcoming changes to the InformationFragment interface will allow access to the actual binary record returned (For example, a MARC record) and provide a getDocument method for a common internal representation of InformationFragments.

I'll try and keep the work DOM implementation independent, but some JAXP specifics might creep in, please watch out.

Have fun,

Posted by Ian Ibbotson 2001-01-28