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test Log

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[32a1a1] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Removed my personalized version of the registry from this branch

2007-12-29 05:13:46 Tree
[24b482] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

test_jy_internals is (inherently) flaky because it relies on two rounds of GC and finalization to its test procedure. So what could be better than adding a sleep as well to the mix? ;)

2007-12-29 05:12:48 Tree
[27cad8] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

lock imports with a ReentrantLock (instead of a synchronized method) and expose
the lock via the imp module. fixes test_threaded_import

2007-12-29 05:02:39 Tree
[389fa6] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

use the recursive wildcard

2007-12-29 04:32:20 Tree
[25b395] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged revisions 3891 via svnmerge from

r3891 | pjenvey | 2007-12-28 18:01:58 -0800 (Fri, 28 Dec 2007) | 1 line

changelog r3885 (r3863 merge)

2007-12-29 02:02:29 Tree
[f379cb] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

changelog r3885 (r3863 merge)

2007-12-29 02:01:58 Tree
[6cc1be] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

sync a little more with the original now that we have distutils

2007-12-29 01:27:47 Tree
[02dd8a] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

jython distutils changes:
o map default archive format and directory layout for os.name == 'java'. use
$base/Scripts as the bin directory (like the os2 and mac); maybe package
managers can patch this value to a more appropriate path (like $base/bin on
o compile byte code to $py.class when sys.platform.startswith('java') -- which
is preferred over os.name == 'java' here for the rare case os.name is changed
(for use with jnios or something similar)
o add our own spawn function using os.system
o avoid os.chmod when it's not present

2007-12-29 01:27:22 Tree
[8daa01] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

include distutils. the following distutils modules will need jython modifications

2007-12-29 00:51:48 Tree
[a0658d] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

include a site-packages directory for installation via distutils

2007-12-29 00:35:37 Tree
[6a988e] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged revisions 3732-3734,3739,3745,3747-3748,3756,3761-3762,3785,3803,3820-3822,3825,3827-3836,3851-3864,3866,3871-3875,3879,3881-3882 via svnmerge from

r3732 | pjenvey | 2007-11-26 14:27:24 -0800 (Mon, 26 Nov 2007) | 1 line

use repr() for OSError filenames like CPython does
r3863 | pjenvey | 2007-12-24 11:36:03 -0800 (Mon, 24 Dec 2007) | 6 lines

restrict reference counting code to isinstance(sock, _nonblocking_api_mixin)
instead not isinstance(sock, _closedsocket). allows urllib2's usage of
_fileobject to wrap a non socket object
fixes #1850722
thanks Daniel Menezes
r3882 | pjenvey | 2007-12-28 16:06:25 -0800 (Fri, 28 Dec 2007) | 3 lines

need to pass the real socket (_nonblocking_api_mixin) to ssl now that we're
wrapping it, just like CPython does

2007-12-29 00:29:05 Tree
[a139f0] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

need to pass the real socket (_nonblocking_api_mixin) to ssl now that we're
wrapping it, just like CPython does

2007-12-29 00:06:25 Tree
[84e402] (newcompiler) by thobes@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Some great patches by Nicholas Riley that solves some issues with:
* try with break in loops
* try with return in loops
* nested try statements
* closure variables
* sequence unpacking
and lots of improvements on the tests.

2007-12-28 12:39:43 Tree
[1971e6] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Break the tests apart into separate assert calls for each condition so different failures can be distinguished

2007-12-28 02:51:45 Tree
[6ee021] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

The Map.Entry from iterators returned by ConcurrentHashMap.entrySet is a single
object that has its key and value filled in by each call to next. So storing
an entry from that iterator for later removal from the set doesn't work because
by the end of the iteration, the entry has different values. To get around
this, store the original key and value in PyToJavaMapEntry so it can be used
after the iteration.

2007-12-28 02:17:12 Tree
[dbccfd] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

almost forgot to label as from CPython 2.5.1

2007-12-28 00:25:12 Tree
[695e12] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

_raw_input must flush the stream after printing the password prompt;
stdin.readline() doesn't flush it for us with py3k style file objects (py3k
also shares this bug: http://bugs.python.org/issue1703 )

2007-12-28 00:23:34 Tree
[f04c86] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

add getpass for distutils. it requires a small change, so pull it from CPython

2007-12-27 23:51:54 Tree
[c2d3bb] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged with trunk r3862. Removed unnecessary Jython-specific version of hmac.py (with ClassDictInit module loading working. Skipped test_extcall in regrtest, despite sorteddict fn, seems to have a dependency on the traversal.

2007-12-27 23:43:54 Tree
[8f1cea] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Applied Tristan King's patch to fix __repr__, unicode_toString

2007-12-27 22:38:17 Tree
[fabc3f] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Add an extlibs directory with the asm jars needed for the build and run junit tests with a new javatests target.

2007-12-27 22:03:29 Tree
[6b877d] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added itertools.groupby (2.4 function)

2007-12-26 21:39:22 Tree
[c8a52e] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added itertools.tee (from 2.4). PyStringMap now accommodates null values, which is necessary for ClassDictInit-coded modules.

2007-12-26 18:47:13 Tree
[4e50bc] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

specify argv 0 as the python.executable property in the jython runner scripts

2007-12-26 00:51:37 Tree
[6cb3f2] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

add the python.executable registry option for specifying the path to
sys.executable. sys.executable defaults to None if python.executable is invalid
or undefined

2007-12-26 00:48:19 Tree
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