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Title: Simple Drawing Example

<h3>Drawing to a Canvas</h3>

<p>This example shows how to draw to a Canvas from Jython.
This is low level drawing using the basic Java Graphics API's.

<applet code="CoordinatesDemo" archive="appletdemo.jar" width = 300 height = 200
        alt="This browser doesn't support JDK 1.1 applets.">
<param name=cabbase0 value="appletdemo.cab">
<h3>Something has gone wrong loading this applet.</h3>

<p>The complete source code for this example is included below.

from java import applet, awt
from pawt import GridBag

class CoordinatesDemo(applet.Applet):
    def init(self):
        bag = GridBag(self)

        self.framedArea = FramedArea(self)
        bag.addRow(self.framedArea, weighty=1.0, fill='BOTH')

        self.label = awt.Label('Click within the framed area')
        bag.addRow(self.label, weightx=1.0, weighty=0.0, fill='HORIZONTAL')

    def updateLabel(self, point):
        text = 'Click occurred at coordinate (%d, %d).'
        self.label.text = text % (point.x, point.y)

class FramedArea(awt.Panel):
    def __init__(self, controller):
        self.background = awt.Color.lightGray


    def getInsets(self):
        return awt.Insets(4,4,5,5)

    def paint(self, g):
        d = self.size

        g.color = self.background
        g.draw3DRect(0, 0, d.width-1, d.height-1, 1)
        g.draw3DRect(3, 3, d.width-7, d.height-7, 1)

class CoordinateArea(awt.Canvas):
    def __init__(self, controller):
        self.mousePressed = self.push
        self.controller = controller

    def push(self, e):
            self.point.x = e.x
            self.point.y = e.y
        except AttributeError:
            self.point = awt.Point(e.x, e.y)


    def paint(self, g):
        if hasattr(self, 'point'):
            g.fillRect(self.point.x-1, self.point.y-1, 2, 2)

This example defines three classes.  The first is the actual applet, 
CoordinatesDemo sets up the label where text is displayed, and the 
FramedArea panel where drawing takes place.
This is an example of using the GridBag utility class provided with 
Jython to make using the GridBagLayout style easier.  
This is a very powerful layout manager, and I strongly encourage 
you to consider using it for your own applications.  
Hopefully the GridBag utility class will make this powerful layout 
manager much easier to use in Jython.

The second class is a very simple framed area.  
It simply draws a border around an interior CoordinateArea.

The final class is the CoordinateArea which does the actual drawing. 
At creation time, this class sets up the callback so that its push 
method will be invoked when the user presses the mouse within its frame.
The push method simply updates the current location of the point
(setting it if it hasn't been defined yet).

The paint method does the actual drawing (only if the user has 
clicked on some point). 
It first updates its controller's label widget with the current 
coordinates, and then it draws the point the user has selected 
using the fillRect method on the Graphics object.