This sounds really great! Jython dev is just about to transition to Mercurial (at A number of us had a great experience in using Hg for writing the Jython book, and since it was a DVCS, it was very simple to transition the source, along with all history, from kenai to bitbucket when Oracle started the process of shutting down kenai.

So I would recommend consider landing your branch of JNumeric in Hg with a public hosting site like sourceforge, bitbucket, or

- Jim

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Robert Andre <> wrote:
The current sourceforge version of JNumeric does not build under jython 2.5.1.  So I made up a modified version of JNumeric which works with 2.5.1 and passes the regression tests.  I also changed the build to use ant and  junit.  Other people might be interested in using this modified JNumeric if there isn't anything similar already out there.  Any suggestions on what I should do with this code?  The license says it is "Python License (also known as CNRI's license)"


Rob Andre

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