2.5.1 will likely include very few new features, since we only have a month to the release candidate. Instead it will roll up various bug fixes, including the recent ones for coroutines/generators. And there will be a number of performance optimizations.

Like you, I personally remain quite interested in seeing NumPy implemented against Jython. (A friend with a keener marketing sense has told me we should call it "NumPy for Java" instead of "NumJy".) However, this is functionality that should not be in a Jython release like 2.5.x. Instead, it will be in a separate project with its own schedule.

- Jim

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 2:55 PM, josu jugo <> wrote:

Following the lasts emails, I have one question about version 2.5.1.
What are the (new) features to be included in such version? In
particular, I am interested in any possible implementation of numpy or
similar. If any is working on such tool, I am able to help testing the
developed parts.



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