This is the same patch set requested in "Patch against trunk to handle SecurityExceptions". Now we know the source of the request, and the specific application is very clear: a sandboxed Jython, running under a fairly strict security manager.

The bug is a blocker for the release candidate, so this fix will be part of 2.5.

We would love to see more work testing the full scope of environments Jython needs to run under, and any resulting bugs.

- Jim

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 6:37 AM, Alan Kennedy <> wrote:
Hi all,

As you may know, Google announced Java for AppEngine yesterday!

And they're also supporting all of the various languages that run on
the JVM, including jython.

They say about jython

- Jython 2.2 works out of the box.
- Jython 2.5 requires patches which we'll supply until the changes
make it directly into Jython:
 - jython-r5996-patched-for-appengine.jar is the complete jython
binary library, patched for app engine
 - jython-r5996-appengine.patch is the patch file that contains the
source code for the changes

They provide the patches they used to make 2.5 work

I definitely think this is an important patch to consider for the 2.5RC!

It would be nice if Google could say Jython 2.2 works out of the box,
and jython 2.5 works out of the box.


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