Like Steve, I believe being on would help facilitate our push to make Jython a first-class Python community project.

We can continue sharing with JRuby, not to mention other JVM language implementations, on jna-posix, constantine, and new projects like the regex engine, JSR-223 replacement/MOP, etc. But these components are -- and need to be -- more black box anyway for the sharing to work in practice. Kenai will continue to be a good place to host these and other related projects, much like we are using github (clamp) and googlecode (Django on Jython) as well.

- Jim

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 5:53 PM, Steven Githens <> wrote:
I think it would be kind of cool to be a first class project.


Frank Wierzbicki wrote:
> We are getting very close to shipping a release candidate, and from
> there it shouldn't be too far from GA.  At that point I'd like to
> figure out an exit strategy from Sourceforge, or, given some recent
> improvements at Sourceforge, shift the way we use Sourceforge.
> My first impulse is to move to the infrastructure.  Jim
> Baker and I are now members of the PSF, and Jim, Philip Jenvey, and I
> have a commit bit to CPython for fixing Lib and Lib/test for Jython
> compatibility.  Barry Warsaw has already offered to help get our mail
> over, and I believe we could convince them to take our web presence
> and let us become a parallel project in their repo, but I don't want
> to ask unless this is what we all decide to do.  From what I have
> heard, they will decide on a DVCS before the Pycon sprints are over
> (this Thursday).  They are down to hg and bzr, either of which would
> work for me.
> My second thought would be to move to Kenai, because JRuby and all of
> the projects we share with JRuby (jna-posix and constantine) are
> there.  We would probably use hg there unless there is a strong desire
> to use git.  I don't think we could move our mail archives there, but
> we could freeze our old mailer and start a new mailing list at Kenai.
> Since Sourceforge recently started supporting an assortment of DVCS,
> bug trackers, etc, we could also take a new look at our Sourceforge
> options (I'm not crazy about this one, honestly).
> Where do you guys want to go?
> -Frank
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