We'd very much appreciate any such port. In fact, a friend of mine who is interested in education recently asked me about the lack of turtle support in Jython 2.5. And I was going to write, it's quite nice you used the 2.6 version of turtle since it was designed to be portable, but since you wrote that version too, it makes even more sense.

Ideally we can make this part of the 2.5.1 release, under the name "turtle". Even more ideally, we can have an eventual refactoring such that the parts common to both CPython and Jython are in a shared, which then import in the implementation specific bits. That's certainly part of a general discussion we hope to have with the CPython implementers at PyCon, especially at the language summit.

I look forward to seeing you at PyCon!

- Jim

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 6:01 PM, Gregor Lingl <> wrote:
Hi all,

I just wanted to ask if the jython developer community were interested
in a port of to Jython., Tkinter based,  is part of the standard library of Python
since Python 2.6/3.0
(Incidentally I'm the author of this module ;-) )

I've done a first, preliminary, port to Jython. You can find it here:

For now, the module has still the name jturtle.

You can download and run it to see the demo included in the
module itself.
Moreover you can download a bunch of demo scripts or the
file which
contains all of them.(some of them are also part of the Python source
code distro.)

The port is essentially restricted to the TurtleScreenBase class, which
represents the
interface between some graphics toolkit and the rest of the turtle
graphics code.

Please note, that I'm not a skilled Java progammer, so this code almost
has a some flaws and moreover it has a couple of known issues. While all
of the
examples are running, some of them show that they could well benefit
from some

If there  is some interest in coninuing to develop this module I'd be
glad to do so,
moreover I would also be glad if I could find some Java-specialist to
dicuss some problems
or - even better - to.cooperate in finishing and fine-tuning the port.

I'll come to Pycon 2009, where I'll give a talk on the new turtle
module. So perhaps
one could find some opporunity to discuss how to proceed with this.

I'll not go into more details for now. Of course, if there is interest
in this work, I'd could
go more into the details, but for now  //just would like to know if you
think that this is
something appropriate for Jython.

With best regards
Gregor Lingl

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