A lot of the more dismal figures are with respect to Unicode. For the Django work, I've just started going through that code, and in my initial eyeballing, there seem to be lots of opportunities for improvements, mostly by avoiding unnecessary work and/or leveraging the underlying JVM and the Java platform. These benchmarks certainly will be a good way of quantifying those gains in general.

- Jim

On Jan 1, 2008 12:39 PM, Charlie Groves <charlie.groves@gmail.com> wrote:
On Jan 1, 2008 9:45 AM, Frank Wierzbicki <fwierzbicki@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Samuele -- thanks for these results!  They really are not too bad
> at all :) -- I bet someone around here will try it on the trunk soon,
> there have been some thoughts about performance lately.

Indeed, I ran pybench for the first time a few weeks ago and fixed
some of the blatant problems on trunk.  This looks like this is
uncovering another set of rough patches.

Even as things stand, if I stack the deck completely in Jython's favor
and run trunk with java 6 -server and add 10 warmup runs to microbench
to let hotspot kick in, things aren't awful at all:

exe: python2.5
exe: jythontrunk_java6_server
 0.23x slower on test_exception.test_try_except_finally()
 0.32x slower on test_dict.test_dict_instance_setattr_instance_dict()
 0.33x slower on test_exception.test_try_except()
 0.34x slower on test_dict.test_dict_instance_setnewattr_instance_dict()
 0.34x slower on test_exception.test_try_except_else()
 0.36x slower on test_list.test_list_setitem()
 0.36x slower on test_count1.test_loop_other_count()
 0.40x slower on test_count1.test_count_in_dict()
 0.40x slower on test_dict.test_dict_instance_getattr_instance_dict()
 0.48x slower on test_dict.test_dict_raw_range()
 0.51x slower on test_count1.test_loop()
 0.58x slower on test_count1.test_call_nested_function_other_count()
 0.63x slower on test_count1.test_loop_unrolled()
 0.67x slower on test_exception.test_reraise()
 0.67x slower on test_exception.test_except_multiple_user_exception()
 0.67x slower on test_exception.test_except_multiple_builtin_exception()
 0.69x slower on test_count1.test_call_nested_function()
 0.70x slower on test_count1.test_call_method_of_old_style_class()
 0.70x slower on test_count1.test_call_nested_function_many_args()
 0.72x slower on test_bltn.test_call_sin()
 0.73x slower on test_bltn.test_call_fabs()
 0.75x slower on test_unicode.test_bad_case_python2_5()
 0.77x slower on test_unicode.test_find_pattern2()
 0.83x slower on test_formatting.test_repr_formatting()
 0.86x slower on test_count1.test_count_in_global()
 0.86x slower on test_count1.test_count_in_global2()
 0.86x slower on test_unicode.test_find_pattern1()
 0.86x slower on test_list.test_list_getitem()
 0.87x slower on test_count1.test_call_function_with_arguments_in_cellvars()
 0.88x slower on test_count1.test_call_function_without_arguments_in_cellvars()
 0.93x slower on test_exception.test_except_specific_builtin_exception()
 1.01x slower on test_count1.test_call_function()
 1.03x slower on test_create1.test_simple_loop()
 1.03x slower on test_exception.test_except_specific_user_exception()
 1.04x slower on test_dict.test_dict_getitem()
 1.07x slower on test_formatting.test_dict_formatting()
 1.07x slower on test_list.test_list_append()
 1.10x slower on test_create1.test_simple_loop_with_new_style_class_new()
 1.12x slower on test_bltn.test_isinstance1()
 1.16x slower on test_unicode.test_find_pattern4()
 1.18x slower on test_bltn.test_isinstance2()
 1.21x slower on test_create1.test_simple_loop_with_old_style_class_creation()
 1.33x slower on test_dict.test_dict_class_dict_getmethod()
 1.36x slower on test_exception.test_raise_builtin_exception()
 1.40x slower on test_exception.test_raise_user_exception()
 1.45x slower on test_formatting.test_simple_formatting()
 1.49x slower on test_dict.test_dict_creation_mode1()
 1.50x slower on test_list.test_list_extend()
 1.50x slower on test_formatting.test_format_long()
 1.54x slower on test_bltn.test_isinstance3()
 1.74x slower on test_count1.test_call_method_of_new_style_class()
 1.77x slower on test_dict.test_dict_creation_mode2()
 1.77x slower on test_unicode.test_find_pattern8()
 1.78x slower on test_dict.test_dict_setitem1()
 1.87x slower on test_count1.test_count_in_slot()
 1.99x slower on test_count1.test_count_in_attr()
 2.08x slower on test_dict.test_dict_setitem2()
 2.16x slower on test_create1.test_simple_loop_with_new_style_class_creation()
 2.17x slower on test_formatting.test_format_unicode()
 2.42x slower on test_exception.test_instantiate_user_exception()
 2.50x slower on test_unicode.test_find_pattern16()
 2.53x slower on test_formatting.test_number_formatting()
 2.83x slower on test_dict.test_dict_creation_mode3()
 4.33x slower on test_exception.test_instantiate_builtin_exception()
 5.29x slower on test_unicode.test_count_worstcase()
 5.49x slower on test_unicode.test_find_worstcase()
 6.16x slower on test_list.test_list_slice()

I don't know if this is an unfair comparison or not.  I think Java 7
will essentially have -server on by default, and any long running
application will give hotspot enough time to do its magic, so I don't
think it's too far off the mark.


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