Thanks Nicholas,

The doc generation was also a problem for me, so I simply by-passed it.

Just some follow-up questions to the mailing list:

1) the is present in the jython 2.2 svn repos, so any reason why it is not in 2.5a1?
2) If i used this, the Webware will run but will hit another problem: missing attribute C_BULITIN. So, what is this C_BUILTIN

Is it something easy to fix?

Cheers, Anthony

On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 5:55 AM, Nicholas Riley <> wrote:
In article
 "Anthony Kong" <> wrote:

> ImportError: No module named ihooks
> So, I am just wondering
> 1) is there any workaround ?
> 2) why ihooks is not present? Is it due to any technical limitation (of
> java)?

I was able to get past this by adding and fixing a constant so
Jython could import it, but it revealed another problem.

Webware uses the marshal module, which is not supported in Jython.  This
is not a recommended practice (see; it may be possible to
get Webware working by replacing it with the pickle module.

Note - this only applies to Webware 0.8.1; current versions of Webware
choke during install because of a parser error:

 File "/Users/nicholas/zilles/Webware-0.9.4/DocSupport/", line
154, in process
   exec pi in scope
 File "<string>", line 2
  results = []
SyntaxError: line 2:0 mismatched input 'results' expecting INDENT
(<string>, line 2)
Nicholas Riley <>

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