Windows 7
Jython 2.5.4rc1
Django 1.4
Django_Jython 1.3.0
jyjdbc 0.0.3
I am trying to follow the tutorial as available at ''.
I can succesfully create a project and start up the development server without a database specified. However, I cannot get sqlite3 accepted as the database engine. When I edit the file to indicate sqlite3 and then run the command:
'jython syncdb'
I always get a long error message that terminates with:
'Error loading SQLite3 JDBC driver: No module named sqlite'
I have read that Jython is incompatible with sqlite3. I have also read that zxJDBC and jyjdbc can be installed and configured to get things working, but I have no idea how. Simply installing the Django_Jython and jyjdbc packages under jython\lib\site-packages hasn't got me any further.
What database should I use for this tutorial and how should I set it up?
I am a total Newbie so I would really welcome any and all advice.
Many thanks in advance