Hello all,

I have recently been asked by my boss to give him some reasons why our company should consider using Jython instead of Perl for certain scripting tasks.  Here is the list of reasons I have - correct me if I am wrong, and add others if you can think of any.  This is a good chance to spread the what I think is a pretty nifty scripting language.

1.) Runs anywhere a JVM is installed, doesn't require a third party interpreter
2.) Clean, easy to pick up syntax of the Python language
3.) All the power of Java libraries available for importing
4.) Easy to package (can be shipped as a Java archive file)
5.) Easy to quickly prototype solutions

1.) Lacks some of the low-level functionality of Perl and CPython
2.) Whitespace delimited - this just blows some people's minds (also can cause problems when editing a script in different text editors)

Any other ideas for either column?

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