I apologize ahead of time if this is an RTFM thing (or I'm just dumb) but ....
I'm given some Java classes (sadly not in source) . Lets say I have class J and I subclass it in Jython:
class P(J):
amongst the Java is a class that has getter and setter classes of type J:
public class J2 {
    .. public J getJ() {
       public void setJ(J j) {
Now, of course, in Java I can setJ(p)  and cast: (P)getJ() to get a P back.  In Jython however I always
get a J back from getJ() and I would seem to have no way of 'casting' it up to my Python subclass.
Am I missing something purely obvious here ??
Thanks for JYthon -- as a long-time Python fan I am in hog heaven with this stuff ..