I'm actually working with the Testmaker tool using Jython scripts, for loadtesting.
The main script which performs the test, is a Jython script, and imports Java, Jython and "pure-Python" classes.
Unfortunately it seems that there are incompatibilities between Jython-libraries and Python-libraries:
    - The Python lib directory contains .py files that are not present in Jython lib directory,
     for example inspect.py, urllib2.py, and some folders: logging;...
    - Some of the libraries with the same name seems to be incompatible,
    for example, when I use the Jython compiler integrated in Testmaker, and when I import the urllib.py or random.py coming from Python instead of 
    Jython, I got some syntax errors.
For more informations I use the Python2.4 lib, and TestMaker4.3.1 and 4.3.3.
Can you explain more precisely these incompatibilities, and what do you recommend to surmount this problem.
Thank in advance
Best regards