hi Frank,
 thats good to hear :) a bit more detail (and a correction..)
 I tried out all of the versions of pyxml available from
none of which worked when run on the code fragment below (including 0.7.1). This bug record
contains an entry which says 0.7 worked, and this is still available from sourceforge*, although not linked to from above - this is the version that worked for me also.
code fragment:
    import xml
    a = xml.dom.minidom.parse("c:\foo.xml")
(the errors given vary by version, i'm afraid i haven't got a record of this)
it would be good if the release could ship with the latest version (ie 0.8.4) if its possible to determine why it doesn't work?
*URL munging gave:

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On 9/28/05, Andrew Ferguson <Andrew.Ferguson@arm.com> wrote:
 i've noticed that
is not present in the 22alpha. Downloading various versions of pyxml shows that functionality from xml.dom.minidom does not work except with 7.1.
was the xml directory intentionally removed?

I don't think it was intentionally removed.  In any case we intend to get it in there before we release.  Thanks for the research, I'll look at 7.1 first when I try to get it bundled.