On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 8:04 AM, Julian Kennedy <juliankenn@gmail.com> wrote:
If I remember correctly I think one of the issues was that the jvm backend was just that.. a runtime backend. There was zero interoperability with java code or anything else on the jvm and there were no plans at the time to develop that integration with java. I think that is why interest faded away. 

That, in essence, would have become a Jython competitor.

Well, I guess it was probably the lack of interest on how to integrate it better with java (which to be fair was probably quite some work as no one stepped to do it -- even though I think it might have been less work than the amount of work to keep Jython itself moving forward, but I may be wrong).

As for becoming a Jython competitor, I agree (from what I remember from that time, the idea was that Jython devs joined PyPy devs and the actual supported version would be the one based on PyPy).

But it seems it didn't go through... well, C'est la vie :)

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