Thank you Walter. 

This looks like a great introductory editor for Jython.   This may be all my students and I need.  We will see.


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Hi Bill,
Try Tiger:

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Subject: [Jython-users] Jython for Beginners - Editor


I am a university professor using an extended Jython environment (jython interpreter + a few custom jython libraries) to teach introduction to computer music. For instance, please see -

Over the past 5-6 years, I have experimented teaching students using jython via a terminal window, Mark Guzdial's JES (, jEdit, and Komodo... Unfortunately, all have proved to be either too complicated for beginners to set up, or (in the case of JES) not easily modifiable/extendable (with additional custom libraries).

I am aware of the PyDev effort, but, again, I find that's too complicated for beginners.

The goal is to have an environment that as easy as IDLE, which computer musicians can use to write code.  These are beginner programmers who use coding for algorithmic music composition, and instrument making.

I wonder if there is a simple-to-set-up jython editor out there, hopefully one that comes with an interactive interpeter (like IDLE, and JES).

Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated.


Bill Manaris, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Computing in the Arts
Computer Science Department
College of Charleston, USA