I'm new to Jython and don't have much experience with maven.

I'm looking forward testing a project that has:

- java classes: maven seems to do it already fine, but I'm not sure what is the purpose of surefire (probably OT though)
- jython code ie. java code that interact with Jython objects in Java: this part needs I think two kind of tests:
 - junit tests which will be run as normal java tests I guess
 - python unittests to see if it behaves also correctly when run as python code with jython interpreter

Also I need to package some python libraries, how should I do that ?

Related issue is json, which library do you use ? simplejson or jyson or something else ?

Now I now there is mavenjython, but I couldn't wrap my head around how it works, which examples are relevant to my use cases ?
There is also surefire provider for jython 2.1 that can be found on maven repositories but there is no documentation regarding how to use it.

Any example project might be helpful.