Hi, i m using the Jython Object in an application in java because i needed to read data in h5 format, but this is not avalaible now, and i don't understand how to use my python local installation, i tried to setup in my java class:
Properties props = new Properties();
props.setProperty("python.path", "/home/user/.localpython/lib/:/home/user/jythonI/Lib");
PythonInterpreter.initialize(System.getProperties(), props,new String[] {""});
But this is not working.
I installed the jython library in my home too and setup the variable /home/user/jythonI/Lib in my path, but it still doesn't work.
I tried to install the module h5py separately and got no solution.

I just do this:
java -jar jython_installer-2.5.2.jar
and it finished successfully.
And i add the jar file in my java application(i don't know if both things are necesary).
When the java class reach the line:
interpreter.exec("import h5py");
I got the error: ImportError: No module named h5py, how can i add this module to my java class ???

Thanks for your help.