According to documentation, the method splitlines() tokenizes a string based on newline character(s). I tried this with the following string (this string may look strange, but it has significance in IBM WebSphere, and I tried it as part of a WebSphere administration script I was putting together):

My string variable nodes:


The method split() works correctly when I use newline character as separator:

['adawa302BHN(cells/bhn/nodes/adawa302BHN|node.xml#Node_1)', 'adawa302BHNDmgr(cells/bhn/nodes/adawa302BHNDmgr|node.xml#Node_1)', 'adawa303BHN(cells/bhn/nodes/adawa303BHN|node.xml#Node_1)']

The method splitlines() does not produce the same list output as split('\n') does:

['adawa', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'cells', 'bhn', 'nodes', 'adawa', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'node', 'xml', '', 'ode', '', '', '', 'adawa', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'mgr', 'cells', 'bhn', 'nodes', 'adawa', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'mgr', 'node', 'xml', '', 'ode', '', '', '', 'adawa', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'cells', 'bhn', 'nodes', 'adawa', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'node', 'xml', '', 'ode', '', '']

Thanks for any help...

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