That's very cool news about IronPython.

I could see it helping motivate funding of similar initiatives for Jython. In the past, with the Sun-Microsoft rivalry, that might have been a certainty, but now I'm thinking of other programs like government grants. Arguably the most popular high-level language for scientific computing is now Python, through SciPy/NumPy; supporting that on the Java platform just makes sense, especially given that JNumeric is still in use.

In related news, I have talked with Maciej Fijalkowski from PyPy about the possibility of implementing the C-Extension API for Jython. It looks much more doable than I would have thought, which could mean supporting a substantial fraction of the pyrex code being written now in the NumPy space (assuming good behavior).

- Jim

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 4:48 PM, josu jugo <> wrote:

Maybe, this information is not known in the community and it can be of interest



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