Hi Charlie,

On 7/14/07, boblusebob@aim.com <boblusebob@aim.com> wrote: 
> One of them is when you try to bind to a port that is in use. The new 
> Jython code gives you an error saying 'Permission Denied'. Python gives an 
> error message saying 'address already in use', which I think is a much 
> better error message. 
I agree that the Python error message is better, but I don't think 
that's serious enough to merit another release candidate on its own. 
Go ahead and file a bug report for it though to make sure that we 
track it down.

I've opened a problem report for this for documentation purposes.  I agree with your conclusions.

> The other problem is when the other side of the connection goes down 
> improperly, I don't think that the "current side" handles that situation 
> properly. 
This sounds like the problem astigmatik reported that I mentioned. If 
the setup isn't too complicated, could you send it here?

I will look at astigmatiks problem and see how close it is to the one that I'm having.  I will probably take me until tomorrow to put together the example.  I have spent my time working around this so it might take me a little bit of time to take my work around out for an example.

As for the Broken File Handles, I was just making sure that you had more information.  Its probably the right call to do what you are doing, though you may catch a little grief until you get the fix in.


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