Thank you for the quick response.  I looked at Python, and there is no select module either.  It uses a dll on Windows anyway.  I don't know, but I would guess that you would need a select.  But that it might be difficult to implement.  Without it right now CGIHTTPServer is unusable.  So it doesn't seem to make sense to have CGIHTTPServer in Jython right now either.   I'm sure other modules like asyncore and asynchat will need it too. 

I don't really think its a bug, its just something that current Python users can use and it hasn't been implemented yet.  Is there a way I could track this issue?

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we do not distribute select.py currently. I can't tell from here if we 
should, or if there is a reason why it does not run with Jython
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On 5/1/07, boblusebob@aim.com <boblusebob@aim.com> wrote: 
> Hi, 

> When I try to import CGIHTTPServer, I get an error message saying that 
> CGIHTTPServer cannot import select. Then, when I tried to import select it 
> says not found. I am running Jython 2.2b1 with Java JRE 1.6.0_01 on Windows. 
> I did not see this reported in the bug lists. Has anyone else had the 
> problem? 

> - Bob 

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