Eclipse seems to the be open-source java editor with the most momentum. NetBeans is another. Both are supposed to be frameworks that can handle any number of languages...

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On Thursday 18 April 2002 06:19 am, BillWorker 2i wrote:
> Sure I would also vote for a decent Jython IDE. I currently use jEdit for
> everything because I do mostly Java. I would love if it was extended to
> support Jython the way it supports Java. Anyone with plugins like SpeedJava
> for Jython???

I think extending an existing editor is a better idea, isn't there an open
source java editor that could be extended to be the perfect python editor? 
I've tried to use idle and it doesn't do it for me.  I don't know of very
many python programmers who use it.  Aside from being a good example, I think
starting from scratch might be a a huge investment into a product that might
not be ubiquitously used. 

Perhaps a package that provides standard APIs for name completion, method
signature discovery, doc discovery and other python reflection goodies, and
maybe even a nice interactive prompt that uses that API as an example and
also as a component that can be embeded in an existing app.


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