I had surprise difficulty of installing Jython

on XP.

Every time when I downloaded Jython-21 class and tried to

get Jython shell by :

   java jython-21 (as advised in any Jython tutorial)

I have got a message like :

try path C:\jython\

can not get flavour null for os 'Windows_XP'

And pop-up windows was appeared saying

Your operation system is not recognized

by installer. And offer to select appropriate

operating system from the list.

If you will use default installation, you

install Jython in Document and Setting directory

and  you are not go anywhere.

You need install Jython in the directory where you

download Jython.

Then typing:  jython

windows CMD executes jython.bat file,

set necessary environment vars and call JRE to

execute jython class.

But how  did you missed that instruction from

jython.org Web side?

I tried to trace the problem in Internet and had found the

same problem back to 2002 in sourceforge archive.

And nobody answer to that problem.




Anatoly Pekelny.