Thank you Carl and Charles:
I have found success with the Swing package and the FileChooser routines.

here is an example:

import javax.swing as swing
chooser = swing.JFileChooser()
val = chooser.showOpenDialog(None);
print chooser.currentDirectory

Warmest Regards,

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 8:22 PM, Carl Trachte <> wrote:
On 10/23/09, Derek Stuart <> wrote:
> I know some simple python but am completely new to Jython.  The reason I am
> asking this question on this
> list is that an application I am using called HEC-DSSVue is built on Jython
> and allows users to implement
> scripts to manipulate timeseries of data. I am writing such a script a
> script and I would like to open a window and ask the
> user for some simple information (e.g.pathname for example).
> Typically when using Python I would be able to use the Tkinter module to
> open a gui and ask the user for such information.  Unfortunately the python
> scripting available via HEC-DSSVue does not allow Tkinter.  I have seen a
> jTkinter module but I am distributing this to very novice users and would
> prefer to minimize their confusion.  I am hoping that Jython has a GUI that
> I can open using the python scripting abilities within HEC-DSSVue.  Can
> anybody point me in such a direction?  I know where the Jython libraries are
> but I don't know how I would call them from the python scripting language
> nor do I know which I would call if I knew how.
> Perhaps there is a 'hello world' script that I could start learning from?
> Warmest Regards,
> Derek
> Seattle, WA

Not sure if this answers your question,  but the minimal bit of
dinking around with GUI's in Jython I've done, I've done with Java's
awt package.  I was able to get a little window to show up and have a
button that triggered a message on the window.

Unfortunately, I don't have the link.  I would google jython and awt
for a tutorial to get started.

Carl T.