Is there sample useing jython with Python API for the App Engine datastore?
  I create a application useing jython where I want to use a entity model of Python API for the App Engine datastore
but it does the following error:

"18/02/2010 17:04:56 org.plyjy.factory.JythonObjectFactory createObject
SEVERE: null
org.plyjy.exceptions.ModuleNotFoundException: The module 'NewJythonServlet' is not found.
at org.plyjy.factory.JythonObjectFactory.createObject(
at org.plyjy.servlets.JythonServletFacade.doGet("

This happens because of the import  "from google.appengine.ext import db"  .
Follow the code below:

from javax.servlet.http import HttpServlet
from org.plyjy.interfaces import JythonServletInterface
from google.appengine.ext import db

class NewJythonServlet (JythonServletInterface, HttpServlet):
        def doGet(self,request,response):
                self.doPost (request,response)

        def doPost(self,request,response):
                toClient = response.getWriter()
                response.setContentType ("text/html")
                toClient.println ("<html><head><title>Jython Servlet Test Using Object Factory</title>" +
                                                  "<body><h1>Jython Servlet Test for GAE4</h1></body></html>")

        def getServletInfo(self):
            return "Short Description"


Shalmany Lee Barduzzi